Background Check

Looking for Someone?

Looking for an old High School friend?

Trying to find a lost loved one?

Maybe you just want peace of mind and see what information is out there about yourself.

Maybe you recently started dating and your friends and family are concerned about your safety?

In today’s society, we don’t have the option to meet people like we used to. This has led many Americans to online dating to find potential partners, which opens us up to potentially dangerous people.

Understanding that 1 in 5 Americans has a criminal record, using our service will help identify those individuals and position you to make the right decisions regarding your safety.

We must also consider our finances when meeting potential partners. Many that engage in relationships without first arming themselves with knowledge, later find out that their partner has liens, judgments, and potentially poor credit scores, all of which can negatively impact our financial health. The number one reason to run a background check – because they probably ran one on you!

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