Tenant Screening

Nationwide Background Checks is proud to offer multi-layered tenant screening.

Tenant screening is one of the best ways to protect your property, other tenants, and your reputation. You want your properties to be safe places to live; a quick survey of your current tenants would reveal their highest concern is safety. And, while you’re also concerned about safety, you have to consider the applicant’s ability to pay – on time. So, how do you accomplish this quickly and efficiently?

A BCI fingerprint check covers all 88 counties of Ohio, and can be completed for anyone, for any reason. A FBI fingerprint check is available to Ohio residents only, and for a bona fide FBI-approved reason code. (Current Ohio residents who have lived in Ohio for less than five years may be required to have a FBI fingerprint check in addition to Ohio BCI.)

Tenant Screening Options Include:

  • TransUnion credit report (when permitted by law)
  • Eviction information (not only fully-executed evictions)
  • TransUnion credit report (when permitted by law)
  • Criminal check
    • National
    • Statewide
    • County-level
  • National registered sex offender check

Nationwide Background Checks uses a variety of both public and non-public databases to obtain possible criminal information. Our valuable nationwide screening relationships mean we can find background information that others don’t.

We are confident our information is the best, and we know our prices give our competitors a run for their money.

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