Ohio BCI & FBI Fingerprinting

Electronic Fingerprinting

  • Ink-free
  • Quick
  • Easy


  • South Central Ohio office location
  • Mobile service at your location*

Flexible payment options

  • Cash or business check
  • Major credit cards/Tap-to-Pay
  • Monthly account invoice**

Ohio BCI

  • Resident of Ohio, or working in Ohio
  • Covers all 88 Ohio counties
  • Required in many employment fields


  • Requires specific reason code †
  • May be required if Ohio resident less than five years
  • Direct copy to an Ohio board or licensing office

*Minimum of 10 people being fingerprinted per visit; service contract required at set-up
**Monthly invoicing available for businesses upon approval
†This agency is NOT responsible for determining codes or addresses associated with results of ANY background check submission.

Need An Appointment for Fingerprinting?

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